Gender and Disaster Australia (GADAus)

Addressing the harmful impacts of gender stereotypes in disaster

Gender and Disaster Australia or ‘GADAus’ is the leading national organisation offering evidence-based education, training and resources to address the harmful impacts of gendered expectations in disaster.

Disaster is no excuse for violence

Between 1993 and 2020, there have been 16 multi-country and 50 single-country studies published on gender-based violence, including the first Australian research into domestic violence and disaster published by GADAus (formerly The GAD Pod). These studies provide irrefutable evidence that gender-based violence increases after disaster. This issue can no longer be ignored.

What we do

Leading a range of initiatives — developed with critical input from disaster survivors, leaders and personnel in emergency management, academia, and government — GADAus promotes the prevention and control of violence, abuse and discrimination against women, children and LGBTIQA+ people and men’s self-harm and suicide, before, during, and after emergency and disaster situations.

Holding a vision for an Australian society that recognises and acts to prevent the harms of rigid gendered stereotypes in disasters, we work to inform inclusive and evidence-based responses to disaster and emergency management.

Research and resources

For over a decade, GADAus (formerly The GAD Pod) has worked to embed an understanding of the role gender plays in emergency management practice to address and minimise the harmful impacts of gendered expectations in disaster.

To find out more about the history and work of GADAus as well as published articles and conference presentations, please download our CV, or access our free resources for first responders and recovery workers deploying into emergency zones.



Lessons in Disaster training

Across each state and territory in Australia, we deliver training packages both in-person and online to disaster responders, community members, organisations, and other groups. To date, more than 1,000 people have participated in our signature Lessons in Disaster training. We also offer a Train-the-Trainer program to interested participants, with ongoing support.

What participants have said

“This was a great session — the facilitation was excellent and the tools were helpful. We can never be told enough about the importance and gravity of this issue — it’s a national tragedy, and particularly acute in post-disaster contexts.”

Participant, Bushfire Recovery Victoria

 “A lot of useful information and the raising of very pertinent, complex questions. The input from the training team and participants in response to these questions was very useful, and at times, enlightening.”

Participant, Lismore

“It was all very informative and revealing, and shows how much more still needs to be done. This message needs to be spread wider into the community, to increase awareness, education and understanding.”

Participant, City of Sydney

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